Sunday, September 13, 2015

September Sunday

Maybe the last hurrah of salmon season for us.  We went to early Sunday worship and teaching and took to the water for the rest of the day.
Lydia caught and reeled in the finest Coho Salmon yet on her self-made green hoochie lure with sparkly silver streamers.

Pleased Papa keeping us on course.

Gabe set up to bleed the salmon before putting it on ice.

Lydia caught the second Coho of the day from the bow, casting a green rotator.  She was thrilled to catch her first salmon and reel it in without losing it on her casting pole!
Snapshot at the end of the day.

High-five Lydia, the fisherwoman of the day!

Fisherman all around.
Lydia bringing home her limit on the catch card.

Victory walk - fish to gut and head home.

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