Sunday, September 14, 2014

Settled into September

Busy picking up apples and pears under the fruit trees.  Gabe strategically positioned the fruit fly trap.  He and Dad had a trap competition, and Dad's simple plastic wrap with some poked holes was as efficient as a conical trap.

Gleanings from the garden, some stock from an old stewed hen, and whipped cream cheese and honey was delicious with the sunken zucchini cake.  Lesson learned:  If you beat the eggs and honey past frothy, the delicate bread sinks.

Pears and nutmeg reduced and carmelized in the crockpot overnight.

Wisteria and Willow Leaves

The Orchard with Fruit

With prayer to overcome, I saved this apple tree from the caterpillars in the spring.

There are a couple bright orange pumpkins in the garden.

Fall Everbearings

Friendship Gifted Hydrangea

Eggs are always beautiful.

The size of Gabe's spring hatchlings, a fine Delaware.  Too bad they are all roosters.  Miracle Chip went to Grandma.  Four more, good for the freezer though.  The Bantam Silkies, Bunny and Bonny, purchased as companions turned into a darling mated pair.  Hoping Bonny will be a good brooder in the next year.


megan pearson said...

I got my fruit fly traps set, crock pot full of pears with nutmeg, and my tomatoes blanched, skinned in the freezer. Thank you for your inspiration.

Marjorie Dontje said...

Great blog Shanea, looking forward to the next one.
You are such an inspiration to us all. Good to have met such wonderful people. xo