Sunday, May 13, 2012

Recent Babies

Recent babies have required a bit of this mother's nurturing touch.  I laughed to realize I'd been up every few hours the first night with the chicks to check on them, fretting on the temperature of the box.  Then Biddy had her lamb, and I had Marshal out just as dusk fell heavy upon us at the close of the first day, getting the new lamb to suckle and make it through the first night.  We succeeded.  Gabe and I assisted Biddy and lamb in the art of feeding the next day too until it appeared they had it mastered on their own.

Eight chicks!  We brought home four additional chicks this Friday.  The new hatchlings seemed to catch on quick to the advanced life of the week old chicks, drinking, eating, scratching for grit, and giving chase with the worms from Gabe's hand.  We added 2 Buff Orpingtons, Buffy and Honey, one Maran, Marley, and one Buckeye, Bucky, to our infrared warm nest.

I am thankful to snap this photo this Mother's Day of Biddy, first time mother and little lamb.

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