Monday, May 28, 2012

Garden Tour

Calendula, parsley, two types of spinach, celery, leeks, and a volunteer sunflower.

Chard, spinach, kale, and a few radishes.

Chive, lettuces, onions, and carrots.  Learned that onions keep the carrot fly at bay, and lettuces like the former onion bed.

Read that peas and turnips are good companion plants.  They are going crazy together!

More bush peas and turnips and some rutabagas.  I have some thyme and sage at the corners to see if they repel some of the moths.

Strawberry patch

Corn and squash are up.  Pole beans are still to be planted to complete the 3 Sisters.

Water spigot view.

Filling the finch feeder.  At the end of the 35# of nyjer seed; it's not cheap.  Flock may have to move on, but we've enjoyed them.

Daddy's little farmer.

Gabe and I mowed and edged around the garden while Marshal delivered a baby this weekend.
And no garden is complete without the work of the honey bee.  A welcome sight.

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Slambert said...

Beautiful gardens! Your doing better than I am. I think my garden beds are lacking in good manure, but I am composting lots so I can replenish the soil for a fall garden. It has been way too long since we've talked. I will do my best to remedy that soon. Love you, Seth