Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Minor AA - Diamond Back

On the mound.

Gabe added some new form to his pitching this season, "eagle arms."

Gabe was not pleased with his pitching, and Grandma was watching the game, so he was disappointed with himself.  It was a great game to watch, exciting, with close scoring.  The D-Backs won in the end 12-8.  Gabe walked quite a few batters, filled the bases, had to chase the third base runner down before he hit home plate.  He held the batters at two runs that inning, although much more challenging than previous innings when he struck the batters out.  It is cold at the diamond, down at the water's edge.  Gabe always wears his mid to heavy weight long johns under long sleeve T and uniform.  It was a 60 degree evening and the sun was shining on him.  He said he might have pitched better without his long johns.  "I was sooo hot!" he told me.  The rest of us still came home chilled to the bone.

Team Mom, coaches wife, helped Gabe select his number, Babe Ruth's.

And he got a big hit he was proud of.

Ready to run from first.

Chillin' on second.

Ready on second.

There he goes.

Waiting to take home plate.

Anticipation, and he made it home with a steal and slide, first run of the inning.

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Slambert said...

Love it, Love it. Can't wait to show Thaddeus. He loves to talk about Baseball and how the game is played, as he got to watch a friend's little league game a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for letting us absorb Gabe's game!