Monday, May 28, 2012

Chick Update

So far, so good with raising chicks.  The eight chicks graduated to a bigger box, roosts, and some outdoor time in the sun, and then first night out in the tool shed under the heat light.  We found that three week old chicks can be quite smelly, and we were tired of sharing our coop!
Chicks at the feeder and first roost. 1-2 weeks old.

Good roosters... hopefully roosting pullets, growing up to be hens, but a Rooster in the mix wouldn't be bad.  Gabe and I made a roost they could use all the way across the box.  They like it, as you can see.

The three week old chicks, Rhody, Rocky, Lizzie, and Chipper get some free recess time with Gabe and Lydia in the grass and sunshine.

Surrogate mama hen.  Gabe and Lydia are happy to be raising tame birds.

Diggin' worms to feed his brood.

Worm bein' served up.

Lizzie has the prize!

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