Monday, May 28, 2012

The Paper Arsenal

I promised that I'd post Gabe's paper arsenal.  He started with the crossbow and then progressed to make a full supply of weapons complete with paper ammo.  It kept him quite busy for a good week or two.  Thought it might be appropriate to show off his craft today.  Being Memorial Day, a time to remember our many soldiers who gave their lives to defend our freedoms, one, the right to bear arms and defend ourselves, here's a tribute to Gabe's arms, although these will neither defend nor do harm.

A favorite Pistol

Another favorite gun.

Showing off the action.  The bullets flew too fast to catch!


Trinity said...

Wow, Shanea, these look awesome! Where did he get the patterns?

Shanea said...

Gabe finds "how to" You Tube videos. He searched, "how to make paper guns." He learned all kinds of trap making skills that way too, mostly snares with twigs and string. His recent quest has been mole trapping techniques. He found an Out of Sight mole trap in the tool shed, and watched videos on setting it this weekend. He caught his first mole this morning. He is so pleased. I'm pleased too, as moles are going to town in the yard, taking up residence last week.