Thursday, November 1, 2012

The 31st, The Day After

Aftermath of the Tea Party Birthday


Top View

Balloons, Wrappings, and Busy Hands

Tea Books

Cheery Gifts

Time for Friendship Bracelets

Gabe working with Crochet

Learning to Weave a Bracelet

Ingenious Invention - Safety goggles from dollar store packaging and duct tape.

He proudly wore these the rest of the day.  Dad thought they were cool and practical.

Lydia spared her extra pattern wheel and threads.  They worked diligently all afternoon and into the evening.

They listened to Rachel Yoder, an Amish story series character, audio book while they worked.  The CD collection was another birthday gift from a friend.
We have held a tradition of celebrating Lydia's birthday for two days.  It just worked out that way.  Marshal was often on call on the 30th in the early years.  Celebrating Lydia is a beautiful way to close the month of October.  The spiritual connotation to Lydia's name is "beautiful light" which helped me choose her name with hopeful expectancy that she would fulfill it with the light of Jesus all her days.  Her birth at 10:02pm on the 30th made no room for darkness in our lives on the day after.  :-)

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