Thursday, November 1, 2012

Family Birthday

Opening the first card

Love from Grammy and Grandpa


Friendship Bracelet Kit - Just what she wanted!

Gabe selecting the next gift to open.

She lassoed something big with her trick rope!

Just Gabe!

Liddy Lu

The glow of nine candles

"Nine!  I'm nine!"

The loudest cap gun ever made happens to come from the dollar store.

Oh my!

"I blew out all but two candles, and I heard that means I'll have two children someday!"

First taste of the whipped cream.

Mmmmm.  Smells lemony.  Flavors have had time to meld and perfect in the fridge for a day.

Hey.  Look who's at the end of the table among the leftover tea cups!

Sweet Siblings.  Lydia, how can you leave that brother of yours out of your tea party?  She tells me he isn't so sweet, kind, and innocent ALL the time.  And sometimes it's no boys allowed!

Dad's finally cutting a piece.

Good enough to eat.  The fruit Lydia chose was Marshal's and my wedding combo - strawberries, kiwis, bananas, and peaches.  Marshal thought he had a memory attached to the flavor.  He also recognized the Massanet piece of music that was playing among the Adagios.  "Is that Caleb playing?"  Lydia's birthday was a sweet reminder of our own wedding day.

Pleased as punch.

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