Thursday, November 1, 2012

Recent Read

I just finished reading Jane Kirkpatrick's latest, Where Lilacs Still Bloom.  Marshal's brother and sister-in-law were living in Woodland, Washington, during our short days of sweet engagement (engaged and married within the same spring), and invited us on a joint outing to the Hulda Klager Lilac Garden in bloom.  Hulda Klager's lilacs thus hold a connection to those especially memorable days.  Now, after reading Kirkpatrick's exceptional writing, portraying Hulda Klager's story in this piece of historical fiction, I want to return to the garden during Lilac Days and appreciate the blooms in a whole new way.  This book inspired me in many ways, not the least of which is to bring more flowers into my home and increase their role in my daily living and giving.  The back jacket quote explains it, which begins, "Beauty matters...."
I thought this poignant quote apropo for today, by Jane Kirkpatrick through her character, Hulda Klager, "Suffering, I decided, happened, and so did good things, and the issue of God's power was not so much in questioning why He didn't stop floods or death but in all the rest of the time when He showed us how to be hospitable, generous, and loving."   You'll understand better after reading of this life.
Hopefully I haven't breached copyright laws.  Thank you Jane Kirkpatrick for using your gift to tell powerful stories.


Jane Kirkpatrick said...

You haven't breached any copyright laws! I'm humbled by your words and willingness to tell others of Hulda's life and work. How sweet that you have that romantic connection to the gardens as well. Thanks so much. Warmly, Jane Kirkpatrick

Linda Hill said...

I loved the book. I grew up in Eastern WA and never visited the gardens. The visit is on my bucket list after reading the beautiful story. Thank you Jane!

Janelle said...

I've visited that Lilac Garden and home in Woodland, and was also inspired! I need to pick up that book now! Thank you! Also, Lilacs were my grandmother's wedding bouquet in their simple backyard ceremony. Always makes me think of her when I inhale their heady fragrance.