Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mid-November Days

Wet and Green - Beauty of Coastal Pacific-Northwest Climate

Grandma came and took care of Gabe and Lydia for a weekend.  I came home to new pets, Lydia's birthday present from Grandma.  Lots of research on goldfish care was happening to insure these are happy fish, Goldie, Silver, and Opal, all precious.:-)

Gabe and Lydia got into scrabble, as Dad plays Words with Friends.  They were practicing one day to whip up on Dad that evening instead of curriculum lessons.  Gabe said, "This is school Mom.  We are spelling words and adding numbers." He pulled me in, and I"ll admit that they are learning valuable dictionary skills too!

I love how God shows his handiwork to reinforce our school lessons.  We were studying the account of Noah's Ark today.  And the Lord beautifully displayed his arc of promise.  Gabe and Lydia were frantically squealing for me to hurry and look, as the colors were the most vivid they'd seen as I raced to the window and then went for my camera... and the entire arc, from beginning to end.

Gabe is back into paper crafting gun models.

Oops.  Please excuse looking down the barrel.  The kids are looking cute.

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