Monday, October 31, 2016

October Colors

Catching the maples along the drive while they were coloring up.

Pigs growing with the corn stalks drying up behind.

Reds and golds around the house.
Pumpkins from self-propagating seeds tilled in from the compost pile!

Pretty wispy green of the asparagus patch.

Pumpkins and sunflowers
The Farmhouse where we are at family school each day.

Trout Creek behind the farmhouse during a golden sun break last week.

Mt Adams

Time will tell, but I'm thinking this election is about much more than our next president.

Golden drive to our "little house."

Victoria with her chicks in the yard.
Burning Bush behind Lydia and Oliver!

Milk house and barn in the golden light.

Lydia packed the pumpkins to the front porch patio.
Husking some last corn cobs.

Gabe's chicks flew up on Lydia's arm voluntarily.

Hopping from one arm to another.
Pumpkins still in the patch!

Beautiful Light

Lydia took this pure gold photo as well as the one below.

The yellow cottonwood leaves are floating down this morning.

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