Monday, October 31, 2016

Birthday ThirTeen

Sunday afternoon Birthday tea party at Grammy's home.

Cupcakes and Teapots

Tea Time!
Sweet Cousins

Birthday Wrap

The men and boys enjoyed being part of the tea party!
Thirteen Cupcakes and Thirteen Candles

Gabe is augmenting the birthday song with bangs and ear splitting pops of packaging airbags and pistol caps.  He had started the birthday celebration off with a figurative bang with his 5 star scavenger hunt to find his gifts for her.

Big breath for blowing out all those candles.
All out down to the last one.

Lots of presents from everyone!  Backpack, ice skates, watch, paint by number, and pretty clothes.

Venetian beads and "Seasons of the Heart" books from Grammy.
Our Baby Zeb - Two month old smile.

Breyer's Natural Ice Cream and Hot Fudge.

A little start of a game of Qwirkle before movie time.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the classic of Lydia's choice, "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers."  We all had a happy day with our special girl.

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