Monday, April 20, 2015

Serious about Birds

Gabe was up Easter morning making sugar water for his hummingbirds.

Only refined sugar in the house and use; still concerned it is bird crack.  Yeah, they love it.

Gabe made himself a Birds of Washington State notebook.

Juvenile Bald Eagle in the weeping willow out the door.

Marking off birds and entering sighting and facts about them on corresponding pages.

Red Robin just off the deck.
Chicks growing into a promising young flock of laying hens.

Gabe let the grass grow and had broody Silkie in one tractor, growing pullets in another with tarp and light for chilly nights and rainy days, and brought the sheep into the yard with electric web fencing.
Silkie Rooster, Bunny.  Bonny stopped setting for her first time when Gabe reconfigured housing.  The growing pullets needed more space.  I assured him that Bonny would go broody again.

Finch feeders!  Gold finches are coming.  There are a few now.

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