Friday, April 17, 2015

From the Cabin over the North Cascades

We took an extended weekend trip around the state.  Didn't take my camera, but snapped some phone photos as we concluded our trip.  Trip defining a new chapter in our lives.  Started with family and future home, and ended by listing our cabin in the far northeastern mountains of the state with a realtor.  I packed whatever I wanted to keep for the  future and for the journey home and west over the North Cascade Hwy.  We spent one afternoon and evening in the cabin on Tuesday.  Brother Luke and Kim and Leroy joined us for a couple hours; Luke lended his skill and quick labor to spruce up the trees and views to the creeks.  He, Marshal, and Gabe made short work of tidying and making some small repairs.  I built a fire in the woodstove, heated some water and used some soap, and sorted through all my cabin wares.  In the evening, after a good cabin dinner, we sat by candlelight and I read our cabin journal, began in 2009.  We reminisced of bear sightings, hunting trips, numerous deer in the farmers' fields on summer evenings with their tails like white flags, floating down the Kettle River on tubes, cool dips in Lake Roosevelt at the end of a hot day, catching fish for dinner, and always tacos and ice cream at Meyer's Market among much more.  There were also accounts of pack rats, mosquito clouds, leaks in the roof..., but Kettle Falls will always be remembered with the best of memories.  And Marshal and Gabe are holding out secret hope that it won't ever sell and we'll be stuck with it forever.

Reheated piping bowls of soup and greens for dinner.

Looking through the back door screen.  Creek running below in front of the tree line.

Marshal grilling grass fed burgers on the back deck.
Cabin candlelight and firelight.  The trees are spruced up with a view to another year round creek running with nice fresh pools for drawing water.
North Cascade Beauty
First snow in hand this year!

Found a snow cave!!  Butt out.  :-)

"3D" Sheba coming at ya.

Kids running down the road in the distance.

Back on the road, over the mountains we go.

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