Monday, April 20, 2015

More Birds and Blooms

Easter Bouquet of Jonquils bought at a roadside stand.

Birthday gift from "Grandma" and kids that they put together for me while gone.  Apron for garden seed packets that Ruth sewed and crafted with the kids with homemade stamps and paint.  Completed with seed packets and a trowel.  Gabe packaged it as a surprise delivery with shipping label.  Had me fooled until I gave it a more critical examination!  I loved it!

Calves at the fence on an April morning.

Flowering cherry blossoms.  So much like pink crepe.

Take 2

Lily of the Valley blossom among the Blue Bells.

Mock Orange?

Birds are so cute!

One collard plant gone to seed!

Old-fashioned little red apple blossoms.

Gabe property for lease.

Bird Furniture

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