Sunday, April 5, 2015

Gabe and the Birds

Pine Siskin on the finch feeder

Oops not a bird.  Gabe just thought this was funny of Dolly climbing the fence like a ladder to get to the willow leaves.  She has her front legs completely hooked over the fence.

Watching a rescued Chesnut-backed Chickadee recover to fly away.

First bird save by Gabe from a window hit.  I told him the trick is to keep the stunned bird warm and calm so it doesn't die of shock.  I'm no expert, but it worked once for me before.  Gabe held this one by the wood stove and stroked it's little head until it nearly purred like a kitten.  It was so peaceful, began to cock its little head around and give a perky eye.  Flew away not many minutes later after putting it down in the planter here.
Pretty spring morning.  This bird feeder can't stay supplied, as it gets bombarded with flocks of cowbirds and blackbirds in no time.

Gabe's been keeping an eye on all the nesting habitats.

Getting ready for goldfinches.  First sighting on Friday on his feeder.  He thought that was the best birding day of all, saving a chickadee and sighting a goldfinch in the same day!

And then today, he was shaking with excitement and glee, as a Chestnut-backed Chickadee ate out of his hand six times!  He announced that now it is official; he is a real bird man.

Looks like a real flock of cows and calves; I mean herd. :-)

Gabe has the place all set up as a bird sanctuary.

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