Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last Level 2 Swim Lesson

Local Community Parks and Rec has a great swim lesson program.  We took a two year break from lessons due to the chlorinated pool and simply forgetting about it.  I finally thought about lessons again and signed them up four weeks ago!  They took lessons twice a week this month and both gained a level.  Gabe proves to be a natural swimmer with long arms, and body that slices and glides beautifully through the water.  Last Tuesday, the chlorine tried to get the best of him though.  Maybe the pool had just been treated.  He looked poisoned, felt horrid, and didn't want to come today.  Today was super fun though with play time, and he came home not worse for wear.  He says he is good til next year, meaning a year from now.  I'm giving him a break, but planning to start right up next year, January.  Wish I'd had these lessons.

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