Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gabe's Day

Presents for a 12 year old.

A stack of yogurt/kefir-soaked kamut grain waffles.  They were delicious!  It was an early morning before Lydia's ballet rehearsal.

That balloon was green!
Home Depot had a party for Gabe.  1st Saturday craft project was extra special with extra gifts.  Building a fire rescue plane here.

Fire Rescue Boat

Rescue helicopter landing and take-off just for fun.
The label on this piece of meat convinced us that it was just right for birthday dinner.

Oct 5 collection from the garden.

Took some minutes to plant more color.

Added colections to the table.  Pumpkin tile was also a small Home Depot craft.

Front lamb leg got a French Moroccan rub and prepared for the grill.
Nice day to grill.  Gabe moved the pullets onto the green grass the day before.
Present Time

What's that slipping out of Grandma and Grandpa's card?

Fun cards and birthday money.

Card from Grammy and Grandpa with a check!

New Hot Wheel from Lydia.  Gabe and Lydia have had their car collections out in the middle of the floor and on display all week.  If the background was in focus, you'd see a line up on the window counter behind.

Costco socks - can never have too many pairs.

Longer pants for longer legs.

Showing Dad the gifts on FaceTime!  Find Marshal in the photo.

12 candles

Ice cream cake original creation with lots of eggs, cream, honey, chocolate, and some mint.  That's about it!

Happy Birthday to Gabe, Happy Birthday to YOU!

Blowing the candles out slowwwly.
Piece of cake.

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