Thursday, October 31, 2013

Birthday Girl!

Birthday Girl starting the morning with a little tummy ache for old time's sake!

Rebecca dressed for the party!

Lydia had already FaceTimed Dad and opened her first present.  A big surprise!

Lydia requested French toast, and I ordered a loaf of Blue Skies for this morning.

She perked up for breakfast, and tummy was happy even with some good old-fashioned gluten and maple syrup!

Ooh... presents!

10 Today!

Nice Fleece has thumb holes to keep wrists and palms cozy!

Gabe's envying those pjs.  Age 10 is the limit for Costco jammies.

Brother-Sister silent exchange.

Wrap and Ribbons

Mr Sketch - 40 years old.

Mmmm... smelly pens.

Have to smell all the colors!

Exchanging scents.

Thought it was so cute, them sharing the scents.

Oops.  Think I caught some on the nose!

What a pair.

Fun Graphic Shirt

Lydia got a jumper and shirt and had the knee socks.  She went and changed to look like a classic school girl.  She is with her birthday dinner, crustless French quiche in the works and birthday pie.

We made lemon meringue pie with almond crust, Internal Bliss GAPS lemon curd, and Against All Grain meringue.

This was the BIG surprise from Dad.  He said she could pierce her ears to show off these pearls.  She thought she was waiting until she was 14!

We had fun adding to a pretty table throughout the day, anticipating friends for dinner.

Ready to sit down with our friends for a meal of favorites, quiche, steamed peas, and a festive salad of local young fresh greens, pomegranate, and persimmon fruit.

Time for Birthday Pie!

Light the Candles!

We are all lit!

Lydia and Lillian

Happy Birthday!

10 Candles!

Almost out!

Not quite!

2nd breath....

End of the day.  Lydia is 10 at 10:02.

Lydia's goal at age 10 is to learn to embroider.  Gabe sent her on a treasure hunt for the gift of a first embroidery kit.  She learned some continental stitches this night.

Embroidery threads mixed with Lydia's longtime favorite game, Apples to Apples.

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