Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Friday

We joined Family School at the 120+ yr old Case Farm to help harvest pumpkins... by taking a few off the field today.

Last year our Thanksgiving turkey grew up here.  These gobblers like to gobble.

Mr. Pumpkin giving a treat to one of his cows.

Lydia choosing her pumpkin.

Found one that looks like me.

One for me.

Three pumpkins ready to go.

Pinterest posting by a Facebook friend gave a new creative idea.

Gabe designing.

Loading different size drill bits.

Ready to go.

Power tool carving is lots of fun.

Edible, decorative corn from Case Farm.  They have been shelling the corn and planting it for years, developing more vibrant colors and longer ears by selectively planting the kernels.  This is non-GMO, real sustainable seed.  Mrs. Pumpkin says that she grinds it and eats it, and unlike storebought corn, it doesn't make her arthritis flare.

Lydia's lantern.

Gabe's with a message.
G for Gabe in the middle.  Gabe put a goofy face on mine.

Fall is...


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