Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lake Ellen

Walking into lake Ellen for some fishing.  Marshal and Gabe caught nice trout here in April.  I knew the place from a report of a rattlesnake bite of a man this year, and Grandma remembers rattlesnakes swimming in the water here when she was young!  We didn't see any rattlesnakes.

Serious fisherman rigging his pole.

Lydia getting some help from Grandpa.

Dramatic back drop of rocks.

Marshal working with his fishing line.

Gabe's secret scenting of the hook!

A Catch!

Pancake rocks under the water.

Grandpa and Grandma

Father and Son shot.

It's a Sunfish!

Where's the fish?!

Lydia sat in a rock puddle.

Lots of Sunfish.  If we were hungry we could have had a fish fry.

Grandma and Gabe baiting hooks.

Dad looking reposed.

Father-Daughter Fishing

Parting shot at Lake Ellen before Dad said you could only catch so many Sunfish in a day.

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