Monday, August 19, 2013

Family Reunion

Here are some camera shots from day 1 of being together after the surprise helicopter landing.  What a special time for all six siblings, all our spouses and 17 grandkids to be all together in one place with our Dad and Mom.  This is what Grammy and Grandpa's home was built for in a beautiful setting... a place to all come home to.
Little boy cousins with their heads together on the carpet.

Girls playing finger games.


Naphtali and Adamma

Leroy at 5 months thinking about crawling.

Hand clapping games.


Meg with her youngest daughters.

Grammy and Johannes with feathers...and Tirza on the lap.

Jemma with jam on her face....just up from a nap and a snack before heading to the river.

Havilah - eldest grand-daughter at the river.

Silas with a stick.

Shane buried alive.

Ezekiel constructing.

Serious Nathanael stirring the bucket.

Pretty Vera getting her toes wet.

Hot Dog Roast Dinner at the River

Virgil eating his hotdog in a solitary place.

Siblings together at peace.... until the bald-faced hornet entered the picture.  :-)

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