Monday, August 19, 2013

Family Reunion Day 2

Day 2 together involved family portraits.  The 17 grand kids were bribed with suckers in the end to smile for the camera.  Everyone from the oldest to the next to youngest received their prize sucker, or two, after 200 plus shots later.  When we gathered the kids together for group shots they had their suckers - Trader Joe's, no GMO corn syrup or artificial flavor or food color by the way.  (Don't be a sucker for GMO!) :-)
Nathanael intense about his sucker.

Abijah, an eldest among the younger set of boys.

Pretty girls smiling for the camera.

Front row.

Jemuelle finding her pose.

A representative or two from each family.

There's all 17!

Finger suckers content!

Caleb's three!

Nathanael happy.

Jemma happy too.

Father-daughter profiles.

Virgil saving his sucker stick in his pocket.

Boys sharing the wingback.

Grammy babysitting Leroy in the hammock.

Sound asleep by the river.

Down at the warmer waters of Trout Creek.

Grandpa cooled off with the family too.

Sharing a tube.

Grandpa with the youngest grandson, Luke and Kim's Leroy.

Nathanael loves the water!

Adamma loving the sun.

Thaddeus getting more confident in his life vest.

The Brothers.

Naphtali being a fish.

Meg nurturing the youngest grand-baby and resting content.

Sun Tubing.

Grandpa surrounded.
 Here is the last morning before the first departure.
Dining room became the game table.

Jemuelle and Vera.  Girls are precious.

Another precious... Adamma.

Abijah always a ready smile for the camera.

Nathanael happy with the hose wand.

Tough Virgil tearing apart plastic cups.

Silas with another stick.  He made himself difficult to capture on the camera.

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