Friday, August 7, 2015

TL Fair Runners

Abijah was the first runner in by a long shot in the Family Fun Run!  Grandma Laura said he is ready for the 5K next year!

Thad came in up front too.

Caleb and Silas running strong at the finish.

Rest of "Thad's" family coming to the finish line.
Seth and Johannes.  Almost there!  Yeah Johannes.

Family Fun Run!  Matthias has both feet in.

Cousins, Silas and Abijah at the finish.  Abijah poses next to his photo on the Fun Run poster/flyer!

Future town Doc comes in third over all in the 5K, 1st in his age division.
Jedidiah finishes strong and early with chiseled form.

Here comes Shane, making it look easy.

There's Naph with her pony tail flying!

Ezekiel ran an extra length, turning back with the family fun run and then being prompted to go back by dad and continue with the 5K.  He raced Gabe to the finish.
Lydia slipped over the finish line without my notice!

Right behind Gabe and Ezekiel.

As young and spry as ever at 70.  Mom/Grandma Ruth won a pie.

Running genes.
 Find a seat under the tree; the day is already warming up.

Community dinner and family fun run kicked off a great fair weekend and family reunion in Trout Lake.  These two events are represented in the sum of my photos.  I was too busy the rest of the weekend to take pictures!  We look forward to next year, being settled members of this community and greater family, active fair participants, and time to enjoy our family at leisure.

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