Thursday, August 20, 2015

Best of Salmon Continues

Smoking Fillets

Marshal gutting a first shore caught fish.  A bystander asked to take our photo.

Just a regular Friday afternoon on Whidbey.:-)

I'm sitting on the rocks and sand - the very best of "earthing," body to earth contact.

Evening Panarama.  That's me out there.
Saturday morning with Grandpa and Dad.

Nice one!
Grammy and the girls joined the boat in the afternoon after a little stop at the Coupeville Saturday market.
Grandpa and Lydia sharing the water with the Coupeville to Pt Townsend Ferry.  8 fish on board!

I actually caught a fish at the end of the day in the turbulent waters alongside the "guns" before heading into the pier.

Full Boat!
Who do you think really caught all those fish?!  Hint, hint:  The one holding the most.

Can't rest until the salmon stop biting.

He makes a most handsome silhouette.

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