Friday, August 7, 2015

Community Potluck and Contredance

Serious candid of David, Mom, and Dad.

Seth and Nathanael
Matthias raising happy arms on his tummy.

Leroy and his mommy.

The music team!  Caleb and Jed as lead violins together.

Meg and Hadassah smiles

Abigail and Shane in the dancing fun.

Lydia caught on tiptoe.

Two mommy Ruths!
Kicking up the heels and twirling fun.

Naphtali and Vera

Marshal takes a turn.

Gabe just running through with boys on his heels.

Vera taking a turn with Uncle Seth.

Janelle with a happy heart.

Lydia and Grandma Ruth
A photo op, together with the mountain.

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