Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Northern Israel

Tel Dan - The tribe of Dan took Laish up north for itself.  A beautiful place of springs and lush vegetation.  They were far from Shiloh and made their own place of worship, falling into the sin of idolatry.  Thus, a temple laid waste, a city of ruins.  The first tribe of Israel taken by the Assyrians.

Northern border with Lebanon.

The Mud Gate - Laish.  Abraham pursued his nephew Lot's captors and brought Lot home through this gate!

Original pavement of a northern city of King Jeroboam's time.
City Walls
The king sits in the gate and all the people come to him there.  II Sam. 19:8

Caesarea Phillipi where once stood the dark pagan Temple of Pan.

Banias - Caesarea Phillipi where Simon Peter-Cephas-Petros-Little Stone confessed his belief in the revelation of Jesus-the Christ, the Son of God-Petra-Big Rock.

View towards Damascus from Mt Bental, Golan Heights.

Kibbutz, successful Israeli communal life at the base of the mountain, protected from missile fire.

Damascus to the left on the horizon.  Syria begins where the farmland stops.

Beautiful Golan Heights full of landmines.

Fun jeep ride!

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