Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Israel Past and Present

Beth Shean - an ancient wall among these ruins held the slain body of Saul.  It became Roman city, Skitopolis, with "Wow factor" as part of the 10 city Roman Decopolis.

Road to the Acropolis.

Look at this sidewalk!

On the way south, a stop at Harod's well, the spring where Gideon chose the men that knelt and lapped water from their hands to go against the Midianites at the base of Mt More behind.  300 men with shofars, clay pitchers, and torches against 135,000.
Where He chose for His Name to dwell.  Resting Place - Shilo.

The sun came out on Shilo.
Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Could this be the place where the ark once stood?  Plausible theory that this the was place of the Holy of Holies, not under the Dome of the Rock.  Shrine known as the "Dome of the Tablets."

The Bedrock of Mt Moriah outcrops right here.

Pool of Siloam stretched vast and wide with stairs to the temple.

Herodian stones along the Western Wall underground tightly fitted.

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