Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Judean Desert - Take a Walk through the Oasis of Ein Gedi

Walking into beautiful Ein Gedi.  Rock Hyrax among the stones.

Ein Gedi means "Spring of the Ibex" or has been known as the "Crags of the Wild Goats."  The Nubian Ibex has always made its home here.  See them camouflaged amoung the stones as well.
David fled from Saul as his army pursued into the Ein Gedi.

A place of many streams in the desert.

Saul was given into the hands of David in one of the Ein Gedi caves.  David cut off the hem of of Saul's robe, perhaps his Tzitzit, fringe at the four corners.  David's conscience greatly troubled him.  He recognized God's kingly authority placed on Saul, and he realized that he did not have the right to lay a finger on the Lord's anointed.  David honored Saul to the end.

Hyrax feeding on the leafy greens.

Beautiful desert waterfalls.

David's Waterfall

Young male Ibex.

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