Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Rocket Launching

A couple weeks back, we took advantage of a free science tele-class on rocketry.  Gabe made rubberband rockets that zip through the house and terrorize the dogs.  He also wrote down directions and gathered supplies for a stomp rocket.  His last need for the stomp rocket is a 2 liter plastic soda bottle.  Those are scarce around our household.  Gabe thought we'd have to go to a recycling center for one of those.  Gabe plied me with the question for the umpteenth time, "Where am I going to get a soda bottle?"  I told him we'd just find the cheapest soda at the grocery store and pour the soda down the drain.  "You sure they have the 2 liter ones at the store;  I've never seen them?"  We haven't been down that aisle.  Meanwhile, Marshal acted on the desire to build and launch a fire powered rocket with Gabe, as he had good memories of doing as a kid.  So they ordered a rocket kit on Amazon and built it yesterday, Saturday.  It was a beautiful day, and Gabe wouldn't leave Marshal alone until he made time to work on the rocket and almost in tears that he'd have to wait one more day to launch it.  Today, the rocket was ready, so Super Bowl Sunday was Super Rocket Launch Sunday for us.  Hope you can view the video and the excitement.

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