Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Full GAPS Cookin'

I suggested Gabe take some photos to document our GAPS meals.  Downloading photos off his camera today, this is what I found.
One plate of Crockpot chuck roast with aromatic vegetables, buttered turnips with parsley, and steamed peas.

Breakfast squash pancakes minus the baking powder.  Her photo inspired me.

Simple snack - organic apple, peanut butter with sea salt, and imported Baby Bell cheese.

BLT salad with uncured, honey-sweetened bacon, organic romas and romaine, minced red onion, and home-made mayonnaise dressing.  My mayo recipe is super simple, one farm fresh egg, half a lemon, 1/2 tsp of sea salt, couple grinds of fresh pepper, sometimes a bit of stoneground mustard in the blender.  Then pour the olive oil in a small steady stream with the blender going (Vitamix at variable speed 5-6) until the mayo is thick and stops whirling.  I have to stand on a stool to pour the olive oil.

Clam chowder tasted like the real thing even with substitutions.  Check out the link for the fabulous recipe that I based it on.  I used turnips, no thickener, and homemade sour cream for the milky base.  I think I might have integrated the uncured bacon into the soup as well instead of topping it.  Lydia had a hard time with the clams, as I didn't chop them up.  She'd never had them recognizable in her chowder before!
Leftover chicken and gravy juices made into a broccoli chicken casserole with a hint of curry.  The cous cous salad is another cauliflower wonder.  Raw cauliflower in the food processor whips up into a faux cous cous.

Last Saturday, Marshal pruned the orchard trees.  Gabe took a few freshly cut apple shoots and sharpened their points for 3 Sisters grass fed beef hot dogs.  They were a special treat with my first homemade sauerkraut, homemade ketchup, Bubbies dill pickle relish, and an organic stoneground mustard.  It hit the spot.

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