Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kid's Tour of Woodland Park Zoo

On a sunny February, Monday morning the kids and I decided to excitedly pack for a day trek to the Woodland Park Zoo.  We packed our lunch, filled our water bottles, put on our walking shoes and wisely took our coats.  It was a bit chillier than planned despite the sunshine.  We should have dressed warmer, but we made it to the zoo by lunchtime and walked the park for four hours until we were sufficiently cold and tired.  Seeing the animals through the photographic lens of Gabe and Lydia a second time, I'd say it is a pretty good zoo.  They want to share it with you.  Lydia said it was one of her favorite places on earth!

Jaguar - Tropical Rainforest

Poison Dart Frog - Tropical Rainforest

Emerald Tree Boa - Tropical Rainforest

Toucan - Tropical Rainforest

Gorilla - "pooping" photo courtesy of Gabe

Giant Iguana

Desert Rattler

Poison Dart Frog

He's lookin' at you.

Impressive Toad

Sumatran Tiger

Komodo Dragon Riders

African Meerkats

On the African Savannah thanks to the sunshine!

Vibrant Plumage in the Aviary


That looks like one old, dried out carcass.  It even made a dry, harsh sound when she walked.

Tundra Wolf

Mountain Goat

Otter Speed

Chilean Pink Flamingos

Asian Pheasant

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