Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fir Floor - Old Beauty

Marshal spent last weekend on his hands and knees rubbing Osmo Polyx Oil finish into this old fir - about 2000 square feet of it! That is one coat. Cousin Steve helped him with the first coat. This room, Marshal applied three coats to. Two nights ago, I was feeling quite chilled with the invasive cold dewy fingers that creep inland from the sea at dusk. I asked Gabe to build a fire. I took this photo a bit later, and relished the visual warmth of the glowing floors as well as the physical warmth of the fire.
It has been a long drawn out process of painting cupboards and drawers. I painted most of the kitchen cabinets yesterday, three coats. What's the saying, "Three's a charm?" I'm enjoying the color, Daisy White, a historic color according to Kelly-Moore.

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