Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthday Boy

Our Gabe turned NINE yesterday! He was a happy birthday boy, growing like a weed, as his dad says! The day was beautiful. Provided a pleasant morning for taking the chickens for a stroll in the green grass outside the coup.
He spotted the balloon twisty kit at the supermarket the day before, shopping for traditional Crosse and Blackwell mint sauce for his requested lamb birthday dinner. The balloons were a nice twist to the morning. They provided creative fun, and festive hats!

Apple crisp and homemade vanilla ice cream were the unconventional chosen birthday dessert. He blew out all nine candles! Lydia below looks like she was in on the action. She was sleeplessly excited for brother's birthday the night before.
It was a satisfying day complete with Dad home timely to grill the lamb steaks, our special neighbors, fast friends, joining us for the celebration, and presents to match Gabe's hopes. A blessedly sweet day for a blessed son.

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