Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Few Days' Progress

Painted cabinets, Birch countertop, new sink, Jenn-Air downdraft, and refrigerator not in the picture. The kitchen is partially transformed. I was so surprised how uplifting the white paint was to my mood. I realized how much time I really spend in the kitchen. It truly is the heart of my home. My life is pretty consumed with nourishing my family out of the kitchen. I felt continually heavy in the shadows of it. The white is bringing in the light from the window over the sink so much better. I'm covering the inside of the house in white. I bought five gallons yesterday of Calla Lilly white that I found so pleasing in Port Orchard. The bath is in Clear Moon, and Marshal is painting Clear Moon in the large closet tonight. My cabinets, Daisy White, are as pleasing to me as a bright yellow-centered white petaled bouquet. Now don't all those whites sound lovely?
On a side note, the backsplash is NOT art deco yellow. It is raw exposed torn up sheetrock and 40 year old glue. I'm thinking of putting semi-gloss ultra pure white bead board back there from the counter to cabinet. In the meantime, maybe a wallpaper border from Wal-Mart I saw yesterday?!
Laundry entry room is coming along too. More Ikea Birch countertop is under the paper. Marshal and Steve installed the washer and dryer underneath today. Marshal had a load in the wash within five minutes. He had to make sure he hooked up the hot and cold water supply lines correctly! It is like Christmas as kids, putting in new appliances!
Here is my man enjoying his beet soup (see posting below), and a partial view of our kitchen night before last.
We hadn't brought the few chairs back in since finishing the floors. The table was the only piece of furniture in the house, just brought in a couple days ago. Notice the little table for two that Gabe made from the garbage and scrap pile. He also made a bird house that he hung on a fencepost on the property line. I like his ingenuity and craftsmanship although the building materials he crafted from, not so much. He wants his table for two permanently displayed. Hhmmm, if only the top wasn't that detestable spongy glue-filled fiber board that I couldn't wait to remove from the house and discard for keeps.

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