Friday, March 17, 2017

St Patty's Day

My, oh my, it is the 17th of March!  Yesterday, Lydia and I were driving home in the late evening sunshine!  Yes, sunshine!  It was a beautiful day in the Gorge and surrounding hills and valleys.  Felt like spring down by the river.  We are still in the snow melt phase, and today, dashing in and out of the rain, upon the sodden, clinging earth, I wondered what I'm to do when the snow is truly absent to clean the soles of my boots!  It was a wonderful winter of clean boots!  I digress.... What I really was aiming to say, was that upon driving back home after ballet, the seasonal sign on the corner was a Happy St. Patty's Day sign with a bright rainbow and big pot of gold!  I was torn between trying to get home to feed my hungry belly and turning around and finding a place to take a photo in the evening sunshine.  I was kicking myself today, in the rainy gray, that my hungry belly won out, and I missed that bright picture of a "big pot of gold at the base of Mt Adams."
We had our busiest day yet in the clinic, and every deposit is like gold, not only in coin, but in trust and lifts our hopes that we can succeed and serve our community well.  Quite apropos that today was our biggest day of new memberships, and each member's paid enrollment fee goes into a "trust account."
Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Marshal spent 24 hours working the ER until this morning in Goldendale, and was not cognitive of why his patient was sharing about having to choose a green shirt today.  Lydia happened to look at the calendar in the nick of time before we dashed out the door.  Got to get our green on!
Came home late this evening.  Grandpa arrived to join Marshal in tractor hunting on the morrow, and we ate a late dinner of lamb chops that Gabe had taken from the freezer.  They cooked up so good, and we had a impromptu delicious meal.  We must have the luck of the Irish when it comes to cooking up good vittles.  We do have a considerable amount of Irish blood in our veins from both our Jim dads!
Quite a pretty meal fitting for St Patrick's Day!

And here is our St Patty's Day portrait.  Two Irish lasses.
Thank you cousin Fletcher for the iMessage to Gabe.  Our Leprechaun names we came up with at dinner were:  Bashful Freckle Face, Shy Clover Hair, Itty Bitty Stubby Toes, Feisty Freckle Face, and Sappy Short Legs.  Just guess who is who!  *Note that Grandpa is here too.

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