Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Birthday

Lydia surprised me with cupcakes!  They were special ones to delight me.  She is becoming quite the proficient baker with any recipe.  These were coconut flour and cacao with a butter, honey, cacao butter cream frosting.
Marshal gave me a beautiful cookbook.  He knows me.    He also gifted me soft, warm, and pretty alpaca gifts that I'm wearing today.
Lydia made us omelettes this Saturday morning.
My Girl
Birthday Twins
Birthday song round two with the blessing song and lit candles on the Janelle's labor of love, "Nourishing" delectable carrot cake!

Both got our wish.
Thank you wonderful family for such a birthday blessing gathering.  I am thoroughly blessed with you all, let alone your talents and gifts.  So fun to have cousin Audrey and Eowyn close enough to add to the cheer.  We celebrated with Kim's best ever gourmet pizza factory, green salad anointed by Sierra's professional culinary hand, 7 flavors of blissfully creamy, farm fresh ice cream, hand made by Meg, and the fabulous cake!  Thank you all for spoiling me with loving gifts and sentiment.  Thank you Mom and Dad for hosting and enduring the mayhem and cacophony of all of us together.  And thank you Luke for being you and celebrating with me our special day!

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