Saturday, June 4, 2016

June Already

Good thing I have children to remind me what day it is!  Kids gave their blessing with a wave and well wishes as we headed out on a Friday afternoon date.
Selfie at Elowah Falls - called a hidden gem in the Columbia River Gorge.  I'm with my own gem. He took me to the cool of the forest trails and waterfalls during this heat wave.  Most of the trail felt more like the tropics than the Pacific Northwest, but there were some refreshingly cool pockets.

Handsome profile
Upper McCord Falls Selfie

Feeding me salmon berries.
On top of the world or gorgeous Gorge.

Train derailment detoured us back to Bridge of the Gods and dinner at the Skamania Lodge before heading home on the Washington side.

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neveralone said...

Here I am and there you are! So fun seeing your dear faces again! Thanks for the good sharing! Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!
The mystery writer ;)