Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day

Lydia thought it apropos to make mention that I started Mother's Day at 2am stopping her gushing bloody nose.  "How did you know I needed you?  Don't you ever sleep?"  Gabe gave an accusatory query from the end of my bed at 5:30am, "Why are all the windows open?!  It is freezing in here and cooling down my incubator!"  I got up to a beautiful sunny morning though, made myself pretty, and jointly laid out a breakfast table with Marshal cooking eggs and toast.  I put on the cooked oats, and we had an old-fashioned breakfast with both our moms.  It was a great start to a sweet day!  It was so special to have both moms, their presence, the best sunshine to my day.
I was sleepy from mid-morning on.  In the afternoon, Lydia gave me a neck rub, and then with Gabe and Dad, hid in the back room to plan the rest of my day.  They came out with socks and shoes in tow.  To the truck, we started on a surprise adventure.
They took me to Rattlesnake Falls for an easy hike, waterfalls, sunshine, wildflowers, and fresh air.  We got home, where I was commanded to take a hot bath, which was a welcome idea to insure I didn't have any ticks let alone sheer luxurious warmth and therapy of it.  I lay under a wool blanket on the couch and started a good book while they finished up heating dinner!  We ate left over brisket and coleslaw to our appetites' content and finished with a sliver of cheesecake and berries to top it off.  I'm a spoiled mommy.
The canyon of Rattlesnake Falls
The Falls
My kiddos posing upstream.

Here's where we have snacks.
Meadows and glens as we stroll to another high bluff.
Windswept Lydia
Taking in a belly view.

Love you!

Headed home, full.

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neveralone said...

This is so sweet, I think tho, I like the early morning activities description the best. Love you all. Sue