Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Family Christmas

We arrived to Grandpa and Grammy's on the 22nd, after dark, with the snow falling to Gabe and Lydia's delight.  Caleb and Katie family arrived that afternoon from Colorado as well.
Next morning, all the boys were up at first light building a snowman just outside the family room window!

Seth and Janelle family arrived in the afternoon and Jesse and Megan joined us on Wednesday.  Almost all together in one place for Wednesday night chili and soup dinner.

Grandpa had a knee replacement for Christmas and is healing quickly.


Aunt Meg already pulled off the sugar cookie cut out factory and is now stirring the boiling sugar and molasses for pulled candy.
Getting in on the action.
Candy pulling muscles.

Wrapping it up.

Busy girls.

The stocking stash.
Old-fashioned jar of molasses taffy complete.

Jemma sharing the fun with all of us.

Matthias, our greatest gift, under the tree.

Family relaxing under the Christmas glow.

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