Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Eve

Katie took my photo with the Christmas Eve dinner.  Meg and Jesse contributed salt-brined and roasted goose with candied apples along with the roast beef that Seth cooked to perfection.

Lydia and Naphi at their own cousin table.

Matthias ready for Christmas Eve dinner.

Gabe caught a snowball in the eye, but is feeling better with a patch.

Banqueting table of littles and Havilah.  Havah says we need another table.
Jesse and Megan at the fireside foot of the table.

Seth read from Isaiah.

Matthias gets the first bite from Grandpa.

Janelle looking like Maria Von Trapp, accompanying Thaddeus on the violin during Christmas Eve special music.

Naphtali on a little flute and Shane on a ukulele, trio with Dad.

Accompanying Gabe and Lydia on their violins.  Hadn't played my flute for the family in over 25 years.  I did get the giggles in the middle of the song.

Vera danced so pretty to her dad's violin.

Ezekiel played a solo.
Meg with her girls.

Vera gazing at the grasshopper ice cream pie, waiting to be served with Black Hawk Fudge drizzled on top!

Christmas cookies - lemon snow drops, Russian teacakes, Anzacs, sugar cookie cutouts, oh my!

Pajama Opening!

New PJs.
Let's get dressed for sleeping.

Nathanael in his new PJs.


Youngest cousin, Piper Ann with her big brother Leroy and Mommy.

"One sock on and one sock off."

Johannes - "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."
Gabe and Lydia ready to hang stockings.

Ezekiel with his family stockings.
Stockings are hung and time for "The Night before Christmas" with Grandpa.

Avid Listeners

Looks like lemon snowdrop is Santa's favorite too!
"Not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse!"
"All settled down for a long winter's nap."

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