Monday, April 8, 2013

Socks Memorial

Highway rescue with Grandma - Socks at home.

One cute and spunky kitten.

Socks and Gabe

Always ready to play with any playmate.



Always on the prowl.

Cool Cat

Looking at you.

Come and get me.


Always peeking in and pawing the windows.

Looking through the glass.  Must be breakfast time.

Yep. Just about ready for my mid-morning nap,

Lydia made a marker while Gabe grieved in the house.
Socks used up all nine lives in his first year.  Marshal said, "He was a 100% cat."  He lived through and defied the dire consequences of abandonment, starvation, standing in the middle of Hwy 12 in the dark of night, unfriendly dog face-offs, Tigey's mood swings, un-sourced poisoning, a puncture wound, mysterious self-neutering, neighboring cat threats on his turf.  He lived fearless, friendly, always curious, at your heels, playful, cuddly with his Gabe boy and Lydia too.  We were always chuckling with his antics.  I'll never forget how he used to sneak up on grumpy Tigey and pounce on him.  Tigey wouild be hissing and spatting, and Socks just seemed to laugh and do it all over again!  He looked at us so quizzically, wondering why he didn't get to come in when he pawed so fervently at the door just like Tirza!  He pawed at the window panes until he got our attention too.  He made sure Gabe always kept food in his bowl.  That was tough in the beginning when Socks was making up for his nutritional deficit.  He leapt into the can of kibble and started wolfing as Gabe would fill his bowl.  Little kitten didn't know how to stop until his belly looked about to pop.  But he filled out in flesh beautifully in time and learned to leave a little kibble in his dish for later.  He made the construction crew chuckle as the barn went up.  Socks was their overseer and inspector from day to day.  He found it all curious and didn't mind loud power tools either.  He was always present without being pesky.  He was the best cat we've ever known, absolutely the sweetest.   He was an animal whisperer, people whisperer, endearing himself to us all.  He was dog savvy, cat savvy, street savvy, so it was a total shock to find his stiffened mortal body on the road, because he was one SAVVY cat!  We all feel at a loss, feel the loss, feel a little lost without him here with us, I think, Tigey included.

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