Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Tulips Bloom

The month of April brings the Tulip Festival to Skagit Valley.  Always so beautiful and a marvel of beauty not to be missed.  This year Grammy and a couple cousins were here to share it with!
Tulip Town here we come!  A perfect day for tiptoeing through the tulips!  Too many photo favorites... here you go!

Welcome to Tulip Town USA

Dazzling Tulips and Gabe's light-sensitive eyes!

"I am the angel, Gabriel!"

Grammy with her eldest grand-daughters.


Is this for real?

A young girl that visited the face painting booth, a yellow orange butterfly among the matching tulips.

My little butterfly among the tulips.

My Carhart Orange Kid!

My namesake nephew, Shane.

Cousins - Happy Together.
My mom captured these...  earthy mamas let these little children at it, in the clay-like mud.  They were having a blast!

Forget beautiful tulips...  this mud is awesome!

Sweet Havilah

Shane boy

My Lydia among Black Diamonds, perhaps.


Gabe couldn't resist playing in the mud too.  Couldn't let those toddlers have ALL the fun!

Thank you Tulip Town for another great year of beautiful blooms.

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