Monday, October 15, 2012

Mid-October Days

Looking out the window at Socks while doing school one afternoon.

First rain brought oodles and oodles of baby toads.

Gabe and Lydia had fun collecting hundreds of toads, Gabe for two days, and redepositing them away from the driveway and fat tires.  I wonder where they all go.  Don't see them out there today.

Fall garden view from the house.  Looks like Gabe is harvesting the remainder ears of corn.

Alternate view from the deck.

Rocky, our Barred Plymouth Rock, is laying her first eggs.  Look at her vibrant red comb and waddles.

Lydia found some sweet corn kernels.

Our pullets.  At least three are laying every day!  Marley, the black and light flecked one to the left, is a Maran and lays deep brown eggs.

Ears of corn to shuck.

Eating the sweet corn harvest for lunch- a GAPS exception.


Definitely not commercial store bought corn.  We are amateur growers, but Gabe and Lydia were thrilled to have something to steam and nibble on.

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