Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bridges to Annapolis

Annapolis bound, driving up the Eastern Shore.  The 20 mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel takes you over and under the Chesapeake Bay.

Headed down under.

Topside on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  This is a 4.3 mile continuous over-water steel bridge to the Western Shore of Maryland.  Almost to Annapolis.

Marshal's #1 goal:  Maryland Blue Crab with Old Bay seasoning.  The GPS took us right into Cantler's Riverside Inn, and it was just as he remembered it.  He followed up his crab feast with a luscious piece of key lime pie.

Armed and dangerous... crab claws.  The claw was the best for picking out the meat.  Marshal thoroughly enjoyed his crab.  Lydia not so much.  But you've got to love the experience of hammering, chiseling, and picking at your food on a wood picnic table with a sheet of newly taped paper.

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