Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Gabe's latest hobby is live trapping.  He googles directions online and has trap making on the brain most of the day. 
The Bird Trap
 Gabe wrote a little "how to" speech for this trap before bed last night:  "My name is Gabe and I am going to tell you how to make a bird trap.  What you do is you have five square pieces of wood.  Nail them together and make a square box and then have a short stick and tie the bottom.  Make a long piece of string.  Then put bird seed or something and put it under the box and then wait for a bird to go under and then pull the string.  Let the bird go."  He caught himself a chickadee with it and let it go.
 Today we took the dogs on a walk, Gabe's main motivation to find discarded plastic bottles for traps.  He brought home a bundle of sticks instead for the snare trap he made this afternoon.
Set snare tied to a springy, live elderberry branch.

Testing snare action.

It works!  Caught himself the end of a stick.

Rebuilding and setting the trap.

Setting trigger.

Covering trap with leaves, and setting snare's slip loop.

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