Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Early March

Our yearling Shetland lambs, Ramsey and Biddy.  The neighboring cows are dropping new calves every day.  The pastureland is a sea of spring green with little black dots.  The vista was absolutely bucolic in the late afternoon sunshine.

Marshal mowed this weekend, satisfied with his labor.

Marshal pruned the trees weeks back, this time no injuries, and they are just waiting for the proper time to bud and blossom.

Chard wintered over, and looks good enough to eat.

Long Shadows, chive, onions, and carrots still in the ground.

Dog-sitting Asa for Mom.

Labra-Doodle - Happy Together.


Trinity said...

Hey Shanea! I'm planting an organic garden for the first time this year (it's been a few years since I did much gardening at all, really). I noticed your photos of the freshly mowed grass and I'm wondering how you keep the grass out of your beds? I've got raised beds but the neighboring grass seems to constantly infiltrate them. Yours look so clean and nice, that I just had to ask! -Trin

Shanea said...

I'm totally new at gardening. My mom asked the same question! I don't really know! I was inspired by a garden on the road to LaConner. Without a barrier, I can periodically slice off any encroaching weeds/turf with the sharp, flat edge of a garden spade, thought I haven't done much of it! When we originally created the beds last spring, Marshal put down rectangles of black plastic that delineated our borders with grass die-off. I double dug a couple of them by hand, turning the sod to the bottom of the soil. Marshal tilled the rest over and over. Then I edged them better, trenching the borders and mounding the soil to the center, keeping it fluffy. We try not to walk on them at all. I like not having physical borders, because Marshal can mow right over the edges.