Monday, September 19, 2011

Wedding Ceremony

Guests gathered on the hay bales as the skies brightened just before two in the afternoon.

The day looked cold and wet, sky a gray smudged white sheet where the mountain was supposed to be. Tables tops were sodden with rain, tent canopies dripped along the outer edges. Rivulets of water ran down my rain hood as I stood at the edge of the tent decorating the cake. Sierra kept saying, "You have to have faith! So many are praying for the Lord's blessing on this day. The clouds will part, the sun will break through. The Lord will show His glory. You'll see! Just have faith!" Just as Luke joined Mark to wait for his bride, the sky began to open up. Blue sky, wispy clouds, the mountain began to appear. I gasped and looked at Sierra, "The Lord decided to do a little decorating of his own." He put a first snow on the peak for the wedding ceremony backdrop. The clouds parted for a full mountain showing during the ceremony before closing back up again to a flat gray sky the rest of the afternoon. The Lord has ordained marriage. It pleases him, and His glory shone as honor was given to Him through Luke and Kim's vows to one another before Him.

Ringbearer ready and waiting with rings in a birdnest and box.

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Unknown said...

Well I am just stunned by all this! What a lovely wedding in the country. Lydia and Gabe dancing, so enjoying themselves, the cute dresses on the little girls and the amazing cake; the birdsnest for the rings and the buckets for the flowergirls, the cowboy boots on everyone.. only one thing was missing...I was hoping to see Shanea.. Oh, yes. I loved the photo of the new baby and also the one of Marshal. Thank you so much for sharing these!