Monday, September 19, 2011


First Dance

Watching the Father/Daughter dance.

Mom in the background. Photographer wiping teary eyes.

Announcing the "money dance." Kim held a camouflage purse strung over her arm to collect the dollar bills.

Lydia anxiously awaiting with money for her turn to dance, compliments of Great Aunt Diane.

Uncle Luke gave Lydia a long spin on the dance floor/ patch of grass which delighted her heart.


Virgil and Mama took a turn with Uncle Luke.

Sierra gratified Lydia's desire to dance and dance away the afternoon.

Gabe decided he was dancing too, solo and lost in country tunes for a good hour or more.

Mother and Son.

Dancing was close by the bonfire.

Still dancing....

Liddy danced a few steps around Dad to close the afternoon.

The bride with her dirt-laced hem and dancing boots, posing prettily before the bouquet and garter toss.

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